Children learn in different ways and at different rates and are supported within the classroom environment to include small groups, reading coaches, lunch time activities, extension groups and a variety of reading programs throughout the school.

Students with special needs are funded according to the National Disability guidelines.   A special application process needs to be conducted upon enrolment.Visits are made to kindergarten/ schools to ensure a successful transition occurs.We have a Inclusive Education Coordinator who works in partnership with students, parents, teachers and health professionals to ensure a successful program operates to support the child. We have a number of facilities for extra health professional support visits and encourage parents to utilize these services.

Literacy Support

St Anthony has numerous programs and strategies in place to support all students with their literacy skills development. This support can be provided in small groups or individually depending on 'each child's prefered learning style.' Some students work with a trained Educational Support Officer (ESO), in a ratio of up to 1:4 and these groups are formed on a needs basis in consultation with Class Teachers. At St Anthony's we have the following programs available for children from Reception to year 6:

  • Leaping into Literacy (Fountas & Pinnell)
  • Reading Coaches Year's 4, 5 & 6
  • Fast Forward program - suitable for both intervention and extension (Years 2 - 6)
  • Reading Coaching Reception and Year 1


Contact Information

St Anthony's School
1 Castle Street, Edwardstown,
South Australia 5039

Telephone: 08 8115 7500





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Mission Statement

St Anthony's Catholic School is a community of learners who through inquiring minds and reflective hearts celebrate and nuture a love of God, each other and creation to become the good news for the world

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